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The Mercury is a testbed starship of the new Vanguard-class, built for exploration and pathfinding missions.

Currently assigned to the Magus Expanse, she is part of an effort to renew Starfleet’s focus on exploration in the wake of the Dominion War.

In addition to testing an experimental new propulsion and power system — a hemispherical warp drive — the crew of the Mercury are assigned to investigate new threats to the Federation in the region, and to wage peace while seeking out new life forms and new civilizations.

Primary Specifications
Scale: 4, Power: 11
Shield Rating: 11, Resistance: 4
Crew Support: 4

Propulsion: Prototype Hemispherical Warp Drive (Mark XI)

Phaser Arrays: 6D, Medium range
Quantum Torpedoes: 6D, Vicious 1

Systems & Departments Ratings


Comms: 10, Computers: 10, Engines: 11
Sensors: 9, Structure: 9, Weapons: 9


Command: 2, Conn: 3, Engineering: 4
Medicine: 1, Science: 2, Security: 2

Traits & Talents


Federation Starship, Sensitive, Testbed


Improved Power System, Improved Warp Drive, Rugged Design

Crew and Personnel Records

Command Division

Captain Dawa Singh

(Shared Character)
Human • Professor • Veteran

Captain Singh returned to field duty during the Dominion War after years of teaching at the Academy. Mercury’s mission to the Magus Expanse has been her ambition for more than a year. It’s her goal to restore Starfleet’s reputation as an exploratory service.

XO: Gareth Driscoll

(Player Character)

Human • Former JAG Officer

Lt. Commander Driscoll has recently transferred back into active field duty following service in the Starfleet JAG corps, investigating and prosecuting war-crimes cases from the Dominion War.

Chief of the Conn Joshua Elbaz

(Shared Character)

Human • Novice

Lt. Elbaz joined Starfleet during the Dominion War but did not graduate until the war was over. Despite minimal experience in deep space, he was chosen to pilot Mercury due to his adaptability and comfort with multiple control systems for starships and planetary craft alike.

Engineering Division

Chief Engineer Edward Bell

(Non-Player Character)

Human • Instructor

Lt. Commander Ned Bell served with Captain Singh at the Academy and during the Dominion War. He is a by-the-book engineer whose role in the Mercury’s engine room could be described as “the Professor” leading junior officers and trainees.

Propulsion Chief Mara

(Player Character)

Ferengi • Prodigy

Lt. Mara helped design the hemispherical warp drive aboard the Mercury and is on board her debut tour to oversee its operations in the field. Mara is the first female Ferengi in Starfleet.

Systems Chief Sebastian Chatwin

(Player Character)

Human • Raised among Bynars

Lt. Chatwin’s expertise with cybernetic processors, earned during his youth on the Bynar homeworld, makes him an ideal systems chief, capable or refining and refitting the Mercury’s computer systems while she is in deep space.

Science Division

Science Officer: Vi

(Player Character)

Lt. Vi’s diligence and focus make them well suited to the challenges of scientific missions on the frontier. Their attention seems to be on science, rather than their career, but the Magus Expanse could be a place to excel.

Medical Officer Andrea North

(Non-Player Character)

Human • Lived among Tamarians

Dr. North has returned to active duty following several years living and studying among the Children of Tama, who have more information than any other species about the edges of the Magus Expanse. She considers it her personal duty to record stories of the Magus Expanse, in addition to her role as Chief Medical Officer.

Mission Logs

Feature logs and select personal logs forthcoming as the campaign gets underway.

We’re combining in-person play sessions of “feature episodes” with ongoing personal logs, developed through writing prompts and Google forms, to create the sense of a continuing mission even though we cannot get together to play very often.

Stay tuned for further transmissions as Mercury gets underway…